Times Square Sewing Classes

At Times Square we believe the best way of learning is doing.  This belief sets the tone for our many educational classes. Enjoy learning from experienced instructors with hands-on lessons.  Whether you are interested in getting to know your new machine or ready to create a stunning quilt, our classes will help you achieve your goals.  Classes are offered for ALL sewing levels in ALL types of sewing. Just ask!

Signing up for Our Classes

  • To allow for proper preparation, register for classes at least 1 week in advance.  If remaining seats are available after this time, we will try to accommodate you, but can make no guarantees.  
  • In addition, customers enjoy 10% off the day of their class.  It's a great way to learn about a new tool and get one for your private stash.  
  • Registration can be made in the store or by phone. Please remember that the full class fee is required to guarantee your seat.
  • Upon registration, you will receive a supply list and any other applicable documents.  Supply lists can be picked up in the store, or emailed.
Every month, we offer a variety of classes to introduce participants to new techniques, fun designs, specific sewing machine education, and more.  The list below describes classes offered.  Please check out our calendar on the homepage to view our current schedule.  Is there a class you want, but it's not on the calendar?  Let the store know of your interest.  A class can be scheduled with 3 or more participants.

Finishing School with our Staff 

Finishing School with our Staff

Aug 5    10am - 5pm  (Diane); Aug 9   10am - 5pm (Sherry); 

Aug 23   10am - 5pm (Sue); Aug 30 10am - 5pm (Diane)                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Class Fee:  $20 ($10 for current class projects)

Have you started a project in class and need to get it finished?   Come and spend the day working on it with guidance from our instructors. Let us know what project you will be working on when you register. If you need assistance on machines or software this is your opportunity to name your own class! Be sure to bring all of your supplies!

Get to Know Your 15000 Better

*Get to Know Your 15000 Better

Aug 13   10am - 4:30pm; Aug 20 10am - 3pm  

Get better acquainted with your 15000.  See the topics for each class below:                       *$50.00 includes all 4 MC15000 Classes

Aug 13    Ordinary Sewing-Hints for the correct way to thread your machine, fill bobbins, change feet and change plates and more.  

Embroidery- Upload designs,  download designs, use included designs?  USB or cord or Wifi. What’s best for you? 

Aug 20   Quilting - Did you know you can quilt with your machine?  You have a special hoop for that. So fun!

Get to Know Your S9 Better 

**Get to Know Your S9 Better

Aug 7   10am - 3pm; Aug 14   10am - 3pm; Aug 21 10am - 3pm;

Aug 31   10am - 3pm
**$50.00 includes all 4 Skyline 9  Classes 

See the topics for each class below:

Aug 7     Ordinary Sewing - Hints for the correct way to thread your machine, fill bobbins, change feet and change plates and more

Aug 14   Embroidery -  Upload designs,  download designs, use included designs?  USB or cord or Wifi. What’s best for you?  Ipad hints also Aug 21   Quilting - You can quilt with this machine!
Aug 31   Accu Tool - The software that came with your machine will be explained.  Yes! You do have software! More Ipad hints possibly

Sue's 63rd! Birthday Bash

Sue’s 63rd! Birthday Bash

Aug 10   10am - 3pm

Well another year is past and I haven’t retired yet! Another Birthday Bash is being planned. We always have super buys for everyone but those who bring their 20% bags will get even a better special!


Don’t forget your 20% Bag!

Imagine Quilt

Imagine Quilt

Aug 15    10am - noon Class Fee:  $20 per session plus book

Create adorable motivational mini quilts, a series of small projects or combine them for one exciting Block-of-the-Month quilt! Designed by Nancy Halvorsen. Sherry will teach you applique skills. Each block can be made individual so join a class anytime!  Easy enough for a beginner too. Kits are available upon request at $10.00 per block.

Quilt of Valor Sew Days

Quilts of Valor

Aug 16   10am - 10pm  (game night - 6pm); Aug 17   10am - 3pm                             Class Fee:  FREE

Quilt of Valor Sew Day.  Come join us and bring your favorite sewing buddies to sew on your Quilt of Valor or help someone else that is working on theirs.   The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.  Come see how you can get involved. We have a tub for donations of red, white, blue or gold fabrics, backings and batting.
ALSO-Aug 16  Game Day Bring (16) 1¼” strips if you want to play. We will play at 1:00pm and at 6:00pm Don’t miss the fun!

Stitcher's Garden

Stitcher’s Garden

Aug 22   10am - 3pm; Aug 24   10am - 3pm   

Registration is $35  Each pattern thereafter is $20.00                

There are 12 patterns in all.  This is an ongoing project that you can join anytime.  Learn more about your sewing machine, threads and needles.  Sue will teach you each month about a new presser foot or sewing technique.  Registration cost includes a three-ring binder with basic and finishing instructions as well as your first monthly pattern. Lessons are very flexible, come and go as needed. If you have started this project in the past with us, come and get it finished. Let’s see it through.

 Get to Know Your Floriani Better

Get to Know Your Floriani Better  

Aug 26   10am - noon
Class Fee:  Free if your FTC-U program  was purchased at TSSC. Otherwise, $25.00/class.

Sue will be guiding you through some of the program’s features each month.  Bring your laptop with the program and the latest update loaded. Keep up to date with the program features. New features are constantly being added. Don’t miss out.

Floriani Project

Floriani Project Aug 27 10am - 2pm(Group #1);  Aug 28 10am - 2pm (Group #2) Class Fee:  $20 per session plus pattern

Sue is introducing new fun techniques using a traditional applique pattern and machine embroidery.  We are creating blocks from Amy Bradley’s Garden Quilt pattern. Floriani FTC-U software is being used.  This class is full.  Leave your name if you would like to get into the next project session.  We prefer to have a smaller class so everyone goes away with confidence with the program to do your own thing!

Artistic Edge Cutter/Craft 'N Cut Software 

Artistic Edge Cutter/Craft ‘N Cut Software       Sept 3    10am-4pm Class Fee: $20

Diane is offering another class utilizing the Artistic Edge Cutter and the Craft ‘N Cut software. This lesson will guide you through using the Craft ‘N Cut software to create SVG files to use with your Cutter.   Supply list is provided with registration. 
 Jersey Gals Daytime Quilt Guild

The Jersey Gals started at the Quilted Cow. They meet in the daytime (third Wednesday of every month) so those who prefer not to get out in the evening have a great choice. This group has a very good time sharing their interest in Quilting. Come and visit their meeting!

 The Lincoln Land American Sewing Guild neighborhood “Jacksonville group” meets at 6:30 pm at Times Square Sewing on the first Tuesday of each month. Occasionally the meeting is moved due to holidays or other Guild functions. Check calendars. Be our guest and see what guild is all about. We share the love of sewing. All types! Sewing, garments, quilting and even crafting. March program will be given by Sue on how to clean your sewing machine. Please call and reserve a spot if you would like to come. 
 Quilters Anonymous Quilt Guild meets at Times Square Sewing at 6:30 pm thee second Wednesday of each month. This group is great to share their love of quilting. All skill level of stitchers are welcomed. Fun programs are planned monthly. Annual dues is only $20.00. Come and be our guest and check it out!