Times Square Sewing Classes

At Times Square we believe the best way of learning is doing.  This belief sets the tone for our many educational classes. Enjoy learning from experienced instructors with hands-on lessons.  Whether you are interested in getting to know your new machine or ready to create a stunning quilt, our classes will help you achieve your goals.  Classes are offered for ALL sewing levels in ALL types of sewing. Just ask!

Signing up for Our Classes

  • To allow for proper preparation, register for classes at least 1 week in advance.  If remaining seats are available after this time, we will try to accommodate you, but can make no guarantees.  
  • In addition, customers enjoy 10% off the day of their class.  It's a great way to learn about a new tool and get one for your private stash.  
  • Registration can be made in the store or by phone. Please remember that the full class fee is required to guarantee your seat.
  • Upon registration, you will receive a supply list and any other applicable documents.  Supply lists can be picked up in the store, or emailed.
Every month, we offer a variety of classes to introduce participants to new techniques, fun designs, specific sewing machine education, and more.  The list below describes classes offered.  Please check out our calendar on the homepage to view our current schedule.  Is there a class you want, but it's not on the calendar?  Let the store know of your interest.  A class can be scheduled with 3 or more participants.

Class Descriptions

6 Hour Serger Quilt   Mar. 2 1-5 (Sue) Class Fee: $20 plus pattern

Make a quilt as big as you wish using your serger to piece and quilt at the same time! The quilt is reversible and when it’s done it’s done! If you are not ready to take on a quilt consider a couple of place mats done with the same technique.

Too Easy Row of the Month            Mar. 3    1 to 5 (Diane)         Fee $20.00 includes pattern

This is a fun and easy quilt.  Easy enough for beginners. Learn cutting and piecing techniques. Each row is made using the “Too Easy”Ruler.  There will be twelve rows and we will sew 2 rows each month. $20.00 class fee will include two patterns each lesson.  

Imagine Quilt (Sherry) Mar. 5   10-12 Class Fee: $20 per session plus book

Create adorable motivational mini quilts, a series of small projects or combine them for one exciting Block-of-the-Month quilt as you learn machine applique! Designed by Nancy Halvorsen. Sherry will teach you applique skills. Each block can be made individually so join a class anytime!  Easy enough for a beginner too. Kits are available upon request at $10.00 per block

Free  Friday Open Sew Day           Mar. 6      10 - 3                                         Class Fee: Free

Free Sew Day. Time to work on those projects haunting you!  This is a day for sewing and fellowship.  This is not a class day, so an instructor will not be available in the classroom at all times.  Feel free to bring finger food to share. 

Featherweight Club (Sue) Mar. 7 &   Mar. 25   10 – 3                                     Class Fee: FREE

Join the group to learn more about your machine and complete a small project . We will be making a tote to carry our machines.  Supply list will be given at registration.

Artistic Edge Cutter/Simple Cut       Mar. 9  10-4 (Diane)                   Class Fee: $20,
No Charge for the first class for those who purchase cutter at Times Square Sewing Complex

Diane is offering a class utilizing the Artistic Edge Cutter and the Simple Cut software that comes with the cutter.  This lesson will guide you through using your cutter. Bring your cutter and laptop with software loaded. 

Beginning Quilting Mar. 10, 17, 24 & 31  10-12 (Sue) Class Fee:$15 per session, $50 if you pay in advance
We have had many requests for a basic quilting class. We will be making a Simple Nine Patch Quilt to learn skills. During class you will learn how to select fabric, basic rotary cutting instructions and how stitching accurately is very important. We have set aside four sessions to complete our project with machine quilting and binding. Pattern required. ($9.00)

Kimberbell Hello Sunshine Machine Embroidery (Sherry)              Mar. 11 10-5             Class Fee: $20

Sherry teaches a new technique at each class as you make this adorable quilt.  Students should be completing their quilts this month. Let’s hope to see them displayed at the River Country Quilt Show in July!

Craft ‘n Cut/Artistic Edge Cutter     Mar. 16  10-4 (Diane)                   Class Fee: $20,
No Charge for the first class for those who purchase cutter at Times Square Sewing Complex

Diane is offering a class utilizing the Artistic Edge Cutter and the Craft and Cut software. This lesson will guide you through a technique to create a fun project. Bring your cutter and laptop with software loaded.

Get to Know Your Skyline 9 as you make a project (Diane) Mar. 19     10-3 Class Fee: $20.00
Come learn about all of the great things your Skyline 9 will do! This machine is awesome for everyone. It is a sewing machine along with an embroidery machine. You have two machines in one! This session will cover a project made using all of the great features this machine offers, including embroidery

GO! Fun Qube Project (Diane)     Mar. 23 10-4 Class fee: $20.00         

 Diane is excited for you to learn more about making your projects with the Go! Cutters and the Qubes.    She will be helping you cut accurately with the dies. Each month you will be learning more about your Qubes and make unique projects.  Project of the month “Cutting with your Strip Die”

Stitcher’s Garden (Sue) Mar. 26   10 - 5       Registration is $35 
Each pattern thereafter is $20.00 per pattern               
There are 12 patterns in all.  This is an ongoing project that you can join anytime.  Learn more about your sewing machine, threads and needles.  Sue will teach you each month about a new presser foot or sewing technique.  Registration cost includes a three-ring binder with basic and finishing instructions as well as your first monthly pattern. Lessons are very flexible, come and go as needed. If you have started this project in the past with us, come and get it finished. Let’s see it through. You pay for patterns, not the lesson or the sit and sew. 

20% Bag Mar. 28    10-3 Class Fee:  $20 plus $20 kit fee

Diane will make this fun.  Make this great bag with our Logo.  Fabrics vary. Always bring your completed 20% bag and receive 20% off regular priced, in-stock items that you purchase on days you attend “paid” classes or any Saturday.  *You must have your bag with you. Watch for other special days, however it is best to carry it everywhere! You may be surprised at the additional discounts you can receive.

Get to Know Your Floriani Better (Sue)    Mar. 30 (Beginners 10 - 12 Past Attendees 2-4)      
No charge to customers who purchased software at TSSC, otherwise $20.00

One of the great benefits of the Floriani FTC-U is that every upgrade is FREE. This class is created to teach you the basics of the program and to keep your program up to date. Sue will be guiding you through some of the program’s features each month.  Bring your laptop with the program and the latest update loaded. If you need assistance in updating your program call Sue to arrange coming to class early. Keep up to date with the program features. New features are constantly being added. Don’t miss out.

REMINDER: Classes may be cancelled if there are not enough participants. Register early.
Registration  with payment is required for all classes at least one week in advance.

Watch for a special sale Email.

Times Square is excited to help you use your sewing machines more. Be sure to give us suggestions for future lessons. 

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