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AGD Jumbo Halloween Applique


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We are celebrating Halloween this year with our Jumbo
Halloween Applique collection. There are over 25 diÂ┬Ćerent
Halloween designs that would look great on quilts,
garments and even trick or treat bags! Most of the designs
contain applique, that way the stitches can be kept to a
minimum without sacrificing the size of the designs. We
used craft felt for most of the appliques.
The samples we created are equally as fun as the designs
themselves. We created two diÂ┬Ćerent sweatshirt jackets
using creative sewing techniques and multiple embroidery
designs. If you have never created applique before don't
be afraid to try, there is a Home Decor tutorial located in
the tutorials folder on the CD-Rom. Applique is one of the
topics discussed in that tutorial.

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